«I am inspired by the value of hospitality and I am here to share with you the ways you can adopt it through coaching, in order to experience growth and success in every field of your personal & professional life»

Coaching Services

Take the first step and feel satisfaction, fullness, joy!

WELCOMEISTIC does not mean I agree with all that is happening or I like everything but I ‘welcome’ myself and my life, while at the same time explore my unlimited potential to improve and achieve what I desire!

Let me be your coach and give you the opportunity to:
• Get closer to yourself
• Express yourself freely in an environment of acceptance and confidentiality
• Clarify what you really want
• Boost your positivity and confidence
• Feel strong and energetic
• Encounter difficulties & obstacles
• Discover your alternatives
• Make decisions
• Find the meaning & get out of the ‘auto pilot’

How we can work together:

• Private Coaching Sessions live or remotely (via telephone, skype, whatsup)

Send me your message and let’s schedule your first session which will you an idea of how coaching can fulfill your goals.

WELCOMEISTIC is ideal for your professionals who are dedicated to welcoming, communicating, supporting and serving your customers.

If you wish:
• to empower your workforce with the tools & skills and inspire them in terms of their role so as to communicate effectively and become the excellent representatives of your brand
• make them loyal to your brand
• to give your customers the opportunity for a unique experience that will make them remember you and never forget you
contact me and we will find the solution that suits your needs best.

Welcomeistic Coaching Experience is beneficial in terms of:

• Enhancing self-awareness
• Recognizing and highlighting your brand values and vision
• Stimulating self-motivation
• Enhancing effective communication
• Individual empowerment contributing to team performance
• Stress Management & Self- Regulation
• Handling feedback – managing difficulties, complaints
• Cultivating empathy – understanding customers and their needs
• Inspiring towards high quality services – enhancing the customer experience

How we can work together:

• Tailor-made Workshops focusing on Self-Awareness, Communication and Customer Experience/ Care
• InHouse Coaching:
o One2One coaching sessions: remotely or at the place of your choice
o Team Coaching
• WELCOMESTIC Coaching Workshop for Hospitality

«I believe in the value of connection: both with ourself and those around us. The choices are endless, comparison is inevitable, competition is high. Saying 'Good morning' to ourself or give a warm “welcome’ to our customer that will make him/her feel special, can really make a difference and ensure the experience»

Short Bio

WELCOMEISTIC realizes my dream to combine Coaching & my deep care for people with my passion for hospitality in its literal and metaphorical sense.
My mission is that you experience joy, progress and success through meaningful connection and communication with yourself and those around you!
My professional experience – 20 years in demanding corporate environments – both greek and multinational- enables me to understand the requirements, needs and challenges of any business environment combined with those of personal life.
My artistic spirit and creative thinking reinforce my inspiration to find solutions and design with you the action plan that suits you or your team in order to reach the desired results.
My long volunteer activity demonstrates my empathy; I see through your eyes and deeply understand your needs.
Look forward to meeting you, acknowledging how unique you are, what you have achieved so far and how much there is still to discover together.

I promise you a Welcomeistic Coaching Experience filled with respect, acceptance, positivity and focus on your goals!

Dimitra Tsogka, ACC

Write to me about what is important to you, and let’s find together how WELCOMEISTIC..